Of Record: a weekly marketing and advertising podcast, hosted by Matt Farrar, Joe Clements, & Rebecca Romero.

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Are you a chief marketing officer (CMO), business owner, or digital marketing pro? Of Record is your weekly marketing and advertising podcast for the latest in the world of media. In our podcast, you’ll find the latest with Facebook and Instagram, Google and YouTube, LinkedIn, and other players in the digital space.

We discuss breaking platform changes and updates with a marketer’s eye – so you can stay current! In addition, we provide analysis on how those changes will impact you and your profession. Hosts Matt Farrar and Joe Clements break down the latest trends in the advertising world in 30 minutes each week!

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Subscribe to our podcast and you’ll even catch the occasional deep dive episode with special guests from the business or non-profit space. In other words, you’ll hear a behind the scenes chat from real organizations facing modern challenges.

These episodes are a great chance to understand the challenges faced by diverse industries, hear new ideas for your own company (or clients), and get the latest scoop in the ever-changing media realm. Above all, we’re here to bring you value each week!

About the Hosts

Of Record is hosted by digital media experts Matt Farrar, Joe Clements, & Rebecca Romero. Matt and Joe are founders of a successful marketing and advertising firm based in Tallahassee, Florida: SDS. Together with the firm’s COO, Rebecca, they have placed millions of dollars in advertising for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients in and pride themselves on following the latest trends in marketing and being experts in their craft.