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What's Your Stance On Afghanistan, Bagel Bites?


August 19, 2021
Episode 161


Joe, Jack, and first-time host Kiersten have got the latest marketing, tech, and culture news just for you. In 28 minutes or less, you can be the person who knows things at your next event or water cooler conversation. Big brain time? Always.


Joe Clements
Jack Reid


Alex Reinhard
Kiersten Wonsock

Top Stories

Amazon surpasses Walmart in sales from the past 12 months. What does this mean for the future of shopping? Tune in for the whole breakdown.

Celebrity influencers are losing clout with a majority of Americans, and micro-influencers are trending. Why now? What's next?

The events in Afghanistan are gripping the nation, and Bo Burnam is helping us ask the real questions.

Facebook is reshaping its ad targeting, and if you think it looks similar to TikTok, you'd be right.

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