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Fall Is Here, Snapchat is Old, Kylie Jenner?


August 5, 2021
Episode 159


Joe, Matt, Jack, and Intern Helen take the studio to break down some of the latest marketing tech and culture news. All in 31 minutes or less.


Matt Farrar
Joe Clements
Jack Reid


Alex Reinhard
Helen Smith

Top Stories

Shopify to start selling NFTs on their e-commerce platform. From here, we broke into a discussion about when each host would jump into the NFT market. Tune in for it all.

Snapchat had a tough time 3 years ago when Kylie Jenner negged their app redesign causing billions in losses for the company. Now, Snapchat is doing better than ever. Stick around for the whole discussion.

Fall products are rolling in earlier each year. Love it or hate it, capturing consumers earlier in the seasonal sales cycle proves to be a successful strategy.

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